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Axolotl Unit Study

Axolotl Unit Study

Great for Ages 6 and up!

•Explore why the axolotl is so unique and learn about its native habitat in Mexico.

•Learn what they have to do with the ancient Aztecs (Mexica people) and why they've become critically endangered.

• Make fun displays and do the activities to add to the experience!

• Do your own research and a writing prompt.
-2 different style writing prompts.

No required books
-recommended list provided.

This digital download includes 
3 Separate PDF Files

Total of 40 pages including:

-Life Cycle
-Color Variations
-Anatomy of an Axolotl
-X-Ray- Gastroliths
-Neoteny/Limb Regeneration
-Axolotl Care Guide
-Native habitat of Xochimilco
-Aztec Myth

-About Mexico profile
-Fill-in map and capital
-Ancient landmarks
-Other Endemic Flora and Fauna from Mexico

Watch educational videos
Life size Axolotl Cut-out
How to draw an Axolotl
My Axolotl Display
Coloring page
Silly Axolotl face

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