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Bigfoot Unit Study

Bigfoot Unit Study

Do you think Bigfoot is real or a hoax? Is your child bored with the same subjects, or a cryptid enthusiast?
Well, here is a fun guide to break up that routine.

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This guide is designed for the child to use their critical thinking skills to decide if they believe in the cryptid king or not. It includes subjects such as social studies, language arts and Cryptozoology.

Read about real stories and a famous bigfoot enthusiast, then read each discussion questions to decide if you really believe in the cryptid king or if you think he's a hoax!
This is a flexible unit that includes activities, worksheets, a bigfoot hunt activity and writing prompts for all ages! It will have your child using their critical thinking skills to decide if they believe in bigfoot.

This digital download includes 
4 Separate PDF Files

Total of 50 pages including:

â—‹ Recommended Resources page

â—‹ Supplies list

â—‹Bigfoot the Legend: Learn about Bigfoot.

â—‹Famous Reportings 1 & 2: Read about real Bigfoot reportings then read the discussion questions to decide if you really believe in the cryptid king or if you think he's a hoax.
You may take this opportunity to explain that what we hear about something or someone is not always correct. Watch the correlated video.

â—‹ Famous Bigfoot Enthusiast: Learn about the well respected anthropologist, Dr. Grover Krantz. Then watch a video.

â—‹ Activity Sheets: Decode Bigfoot jokes, Find Bigfoots home, Positional Words Coloring page, and Wordsearch.

â—‹ Writing:
In order from younger ages to older.
1.) A simple writing prompt.
2.) Poem Copywork: Recite and rewrite.
3.) Record and decorate in your journal: Write as if you were an explorer that discovered Bigfoot!
4.) Persuasive Writing prompt that includes a guide and rough draft sheets.

â—‹ Activities: Foot Measuring Activity, Bigfoot Face Mask, Bigfoot Hide 'n' Seek, Footprint cast, and Bigfoot window transparency.

â—‹ Bigfoot hunt: When you are ready to go on an adventure use the list and clues to help prepare for a sighting. Get your hunting permit, badge, evidence bag and flags ready!

*The Bigfoot Window Transperancy is included in this.

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