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The Ground Beneath Us

The Ground Beneath Us

Your Interactive Earth Science Guide!

Embark on an exciting hands-on journey through the layers of our planet with our comprehensive guide designed for children aged 4-12.

What’s Inside:

  • Over 80 pages of 7 Engaging Lessons: Wastewater, Soil, Caves, Earth's Crust, Minerals, Fossils, and Underground animals! Each lesson is a new adventure, covering different aspects of Earth Science. Progress at your own pace and watch your child’s understanding of the world beneath their feet grow.

Each Lesson Includes:

Lesson Overview: A clear layout of what to expect in each lesson, including objectives and key concepts.

Multimedia Resources: Curated video and book links to provide a rich, multimedia learning experience.

Video Comprehension Sheet: A worksheet to accompany each video, ensuring learners grasp and retain the material presented.

Young Learner Engagement: Writing prompts and coloring pages tailored for young learners to express their creativity and reinforce the lesson’s theme.

Fun Worksheet Activity: Interactive activities that make learning about Earth Science a blast!

  1. Hands-On Experiment: Dive into science with a hands-on experiment related to the lesson, complete with discussion questions to encourage critical thinking.

  2. Step-by-Step Instructions: Full instructions to guide you through each experiment, ensuring a safe and educational experience.

  3. Observation/Writing Worksheet: A place for learners to record their observations and thoughts, turning each lesson into a memorable and reflective experience.

Keepsakes: As you complete each lesson, you’ll create a collection of worksheets and experiments that serve as keepsakes of your educational journey.

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